Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The Strategic Plan: We Build Great Communities - 2022-2025 was developed to lead our collective work going forward and to explore new opportunities while solidifying the work that has been the cornerstone of the LHBA for over 70 years.

Introduced in June 2022, the Plan identifies the three strategic priorities the Association will work towards and the Year One Implementation Actions that when implemented in sequence, will establish the strong foundation for the Association to continue to develop and grow.

Jared Zaifman (LHBA’s CEO) along with the Board of Directors and LHBA staff will ensure implementation of this new strategic roadmap; calling on members to assist and contribute to giving back to the community, which has and always will be central to our work. By following the same plan, together we can ensure the Association remains industry leaders who are committed to being relevant in our community.

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Strategic Priorities Overview

Strategic Priority 1 – Establish a Renewed Board of Directors Governance Model and Aligned Organizational Structure

LHBA will review and renew the current governance model and committee structures, organizational structure, policies and practices in order to continue to focus on establishing a solid organization in the next three years, ensuring continued growth and impact for the membership and the community.

To achieve our objectives, we’ll ensure that each Board of Directors and staff team member embraces the new Plan and works to ensure its full implementation, provide professional development, review the financial management and budgeting systems, and ensure the 2023, 2024 and 2025 implementation plans are created in advance of August 1st each year.

Strategic Priority 2 – Update the Government Relations Plan to Reach All Levels of Government

Advocacy with governments has been a key priority for the LHBA since its inception. Now more than ever, it is important that the Association be more public and present on issues that matter to the building and renovation industry. Being leaders in shaping government policy is critical to the Association’s impact on the industry and the London community.

LHBA will ensure the current Government Relations Plan is fully updated and implemented to reflect key issues to advocate with the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government on behalf of the membership. These updates include regular meetings and interactions with key city staff, elected and non-elected officials, participation in groups, task forces and committees, enhanced communication and ensuring a seat at the table of the three levels of government; keeping strategies on track, raising the Association’s presence and strengthening government relations.

Strategic Priority 3 – Engage and Enhance the Membership

The foundation of the Association is its membership. In existence for over 70 years, the LHBA has had a tremendous impact on the community, and it continues today. The time has come to take the next developmental steps to ensure there is longevity and strength within the Association, so its important legacy continues.

LHBA will ensure the membership is effectively communicated with and is retained and increased using a variety of methods to ensure robust representation of builders and renovators. Through the membership, LHBA will continue to participate in charitable activities to enhance the community through the implementation of an annual Community Engagement Plan.

This strategy has been divided into three sections:

  • Strategic Communications – hiring a communications staff specialist and/or firm to create and then implement a strategic communications plan.
  • Membership – creating, monitoring and constantly refreshing strategies to meet members’ ongoing needs, providing engagement opportunities, gaining feedback and advice from members, engaging with the community and providing professional development for trades, builders, and renovators.
  • Revenue Generation – supporting the implementation of the new Strategic Plan and the operations of the Association, creating and implementing a 2022-2023 Community Engagement Plan that will engage with and support the community through awareness and revenue generation activities and retain and grow the membership to include all trades within the industry.

In Summary

The London Home Builders' Association is positioned to strategically take the next step in its growth through the implementation of this Strategic Plan. The primary purpose of the growth is to have a greater impact on the local new build and renovation industry and the London community.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the new strategic plan, please contact 226.973.4378 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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