Jake Draper, President 2015/2016

5.23.15 -  Making that 1st Home Affordable

5.30.15 -  Don't Get Burned By Door-to-Door Scams

6.06.15 -  Let's Not Let Ownership Slip Away

6.13.15 -  Day or Night, Constructions Sites No Place For Children to Explore

6.20.15 -  Energy Efficient Home a Happy Home

6.27.15 -  Strike Slows New Home Construction

7.04.15 -  Attracting Youth to Skilled Trades

7.18.15 -  New Homes a Golden Opportunity to Personalize Your Living Space

7.25.15 -  Time to Put Strike Behind Us and Move On

8.01.15 -  Indoor Air Quality Essential to Family's Good Health

8.08.15 -  Rise in Energy Efficiency Team Effort in Canada

8.15.15 -  Information is King for Those Who Buy Based on Model Home

8.22.15 -  Kitchen Trends Fuse Rustic and Modern

8.29.15 -  Exterior Renovations Can Improve Curb Appeal, Security, Energy Efficiency

9.15.15 -  Home Ownership a Vital Federal Election Issue

9.12.15 -  Association Ensures London Affordable for Families, Businesses

9.19.15 -  Avoid Inferior Products by Noting Brand, Codes

9.26.15 - Home Builders, such as Sifton, committed to innovation

10.3.15 - Federal government need to support municipal infrastructure

10.10.15 - Bathroom renos involve co-ordination of different trades

10.17.15- Larger islands are in, corner bathtubs are out
10.24.15- Home Builders offer salute to the best in the business

10.31.15- Career opportunities abound

11.07.15- Technology for the home constantly evolving

11.15.15- New government promises long list of initiatives in housing sector

11.21.15- Energy Star adoption rate continues to rise

11.28.15- Municipal land transfer tax will hobble local economy

12.05.15- Protect home from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning

12.12.15- College of trades report a good first step, but college still must improve in key areas

12.19.15- Hire a pro for a job done right

12.26.15- Market may dictate whether to buy or sell first

01.02.16- It's not features that make a house a home, but time and events with people you love

01.09.16- Condo upgrades require renovators familiar with board bylaws

01.16.16- Violation of privacy lasting result of burglary

01.23.16- Get face-to-face facts at home show

01.30.16- "Mature" years present renovation possibilities

02.06.16-  Vital questions to ponder when buying your first home

02.13.16- Asking right questions will lead to right renovator

02.20.16- Take home some peace of mind with Tarion

02.27.16- London housing market stable

03.05.16- Start with mortgage specialist when looking to buy a home

03.12.16- Home ownership still driven by lure of great investment

03.19.16- Basement renovation replete with potential, and potential pitfalls

03.26.16- Protect investment with regular home maintenance

04.02.16- Find a home that suits your family's lifestyle

04.09.16- Roofing material comes in plenty of options

04.16.16- Plan ahead to ensure your outdoor living space fits bill

04.23.16- FlexHousing should result in fewer future renovations

04.30.16- London product validation centre will aid innovation

05.07.16- Successful home renovation built on a solid foundation

05.14.16- Household water conservation saves valuable resource

05.21.16- LHBA presidential term rewarding


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